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Cool Places To Clothes Shop In New York

Amongst the shopping enthusiast set, there is a significant number of consumers who live to add to their wardrobes. Sometimes, entire trips are planned around locations that offer the best clothes shopping destinations. One such clothing retail hotspot is New York City. This historic locale is home to more stores than many people know what to do with. Those who wish to add to their collection in style will want to know the good places to go clothes shopping in New York.

Even those who are not particularly concerned with shopping for clothes have heard of Saks Fifth Avenue. This store has found its way into scads of movies over the years with good reason. Many of the world-famous designers have clothing on display here, including Prada and Phillip Lim. Men and women alike will find shoes and accessories that appeal to them inside Saks Fifth Avenue as well as an outfit for the kids. Macy’s is famous for the Thanksgiving Day Parade that it annually sponsors, but it is its clothing stock that enables it to carry on the tradition.

With numerous stores located around the New York and New Jersey region, Daffy’s is a clothing retailer that maintains several shops in New York City itself. High style clothing is found here at relatively inexpensive prices. LS Men’s Clothing is as classy as it gets for men shopping for suits, pants, dress shirts, and more. This custom men’s shop, established in 1954, is famous for its tailored suits that are crafted in the United States as well as the two-week delivery on this specially crafted attire.

Sportsmen and women are certainly not forgotten in New York. The Athlete’s Foot is chock full of tennis shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, and any other kind of sporting footwear you can think of. This store also understands the importance of the apparel that complements the shoes. Bogner, the German line of skiwear, also maintains a home in New York, and the company has expanded its stock to include handbags, denim, and footwear. Though now dealing in quality clothing of all kinds, Bogner’s claim to fame is still its ski coats, parkas, and other skiing attire.

New York is also home to the popular chains such as Aéropostale and Abercrombie and Fitch, a fact that visitors who want a taste of the familiar will appreciate. Clothing stores are a staple of New York, and many people have been known to pay The Big Apple a visit simply to purchase new apparel. The city’s best clothing stores will satisfy shoppers of all kinds.

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