Suits For Women Clergy

suits for women clergy


The Fighting Rabbis

The Fighting Rabbis


Chaplain Slomovitz has opened the door to a previously undocumented, untold chapter of the history of the Jews in America. The Fighting Rabbis should be read with great pride by the Jewish American community, and with admiration by all others. -Vice Admiral Bernard M. Kauderer(Ret.)The Fighting Rabbis surges with true and exciting storeis of faith and fortitude little known to the American public. How I wish it were required reading for all military chaplains, and for all clergy and military leaders who care about God's ministry among our men and women in the armed services. Rabbi Slomovitz has granted us a record of great significance. -Rear Admiral Donald K. MuchowMore than simply the story of Jewish military chaplains in America, The Fighting Rabbis offers broad contextual material on the entire scope of Jewish American history. It also shatters two significant myths about Jews and the American military: that they did not serve, and that the U.S. Armed Services have always been a bastion of anti-semitism. A seminal contribution to American history. -John Sherwood, author of Officers in Flight Suits: The Story of American Air Force Pilots in the Korean WarRabbi Slomovitz, himself a 'Fighting Rabbi, ' honors a dedicated group of religious military leaders whose accomplishments have remained untold for too long. The American Jewish community at large does not fully recognize the sacrifices and services of Jewish Americans who have gallantly served our country and our faith. This book should be in every military and synagogue library. -Colonel Jack B. Zimmermann, USMCR (Ret.) Illuminates the significant role that rabbi-chaplains in uniform have played in promoting thespiritual welfare of members of the Armed Forces-both Jewish and non-Jewish-ever since the Civil War. -Rabbi David Lapp, Director of Jewish Chaplains CouncilRabbi Elkan Voorsanger received the Purple Heart for his actions during the Battle of Argonne. Chaplain Edgar Siskin, serving with

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