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It seems these days youngsters are preoccupied with both television or video games. Nevertheless it wasn’t that long ago when kids had to make use of their ingenuity and imaginations to be entertained when taking part in and having fun. Dad and mom can deliver again this ideology again into our houses by turning off those dreaded machines, getting again to the fundamentals and bringing into our homes the basic toys which have entertained and educated children.

With the appearance of the “video age”, there is no doubt toy corporations feel slighted on the bottom line. However some toys stand the check of time and never go out of style, still entertaining and thrilling youngsters for many years, with no let up in sight. Let’s discover one of these classic toys and an icon of the toy industry:

Etch a Sketch

Invented within the late 1950’s by a gentleman named Arthur Granjean (he known as it “L ‘Ecran Magique”), which means the magic display screen; in his garage. The Ohio Artwork Firm determined to take a chance on his “drawing toy” and renamed it the Etch A Sketch and in 1960 launched a profitable television commercial campaign to advertise it.

The response was so overwhelming, Ohio Artwork continued to produce them till noon Christmas Eve, 1960. The toys have been then immediately shipped to the west coast so people there may have the Etch A Sketch in time for Christmas.

The Etch A Sketch has entertained over 100 million adults and youngsters in sixty seven nations worldwide. The basic design just about stayed the same, although Ohio Art did provide sizzling pink and blue frames in the 1970’s, however found that individuals preferred the normal purple frame. Moreover, the Etch A Sketch Membership was fashioned in 1978 and has a mean of two,000 members worldwide.

For enjoyable, take a poll of your friends or coworkers, and ask them how many of them ever drew something with an Etch A Sketch. Your numbers can be astonishing; it was and still is, one of the world’s hottest toys!

Do you know there is an Official Etch A Sketch Web site? You'll be able to go to if you wish to learn extra about this marvel of the toy industry and if you're feeling a bit nostalgic you may even draw on-line!


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Life and Letters of General W.H.L. Wallace

Life and Letters of General W.H.L. Wallace


Originally published in 1909, this biography by Isabel Wallace recounts the life of her adoptive father, the little-recognized William Hervy Lamme Wallace, the highest-ranking Union officer to fall at the battle of Shiloh. Born in 1821 in Ohio, Wallace and his family moved to Illinois in 1834, where he was educated at Rock Springs Seminary in Mount Morris. On his way to study law with Abraham Lincoln in Springfield in 1844, Wallace was persuaded by local attorney T. Lyle Dickey, a close friend of Lincoln, to join his practice in Ottawa instead. Wallace eventually married Dickey's daughter, Martha Ann, in 1851.When the Civil War broke out, both Wallace and Dickey immediately volunteered for service with the Eleventh Illinois, which assembled in Springfield. Wallace was elected as the unit's colonel; a successful lawyer, a friend of President Lincoln, a generation older than most privates, and an officer with Mexican War experience, he was entirely suited for such command. Wallace was appointed brigadier general for his performance at Fort Donelson, the first notable Union victory in the Civil War. Wallace's troops had saved the day, although the Eleventh Illinois had lost nearly two-thirds of its men. He then moved with his troops to Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, where Confederates launched a surprise attack on the forces of Major General Ulysses S. Grant at Shiloh Church on Sunday, April 6, 1862. Wallace, who held only temporary command of one of Grant's six divisions, fought bravely but was mortally wounded as he began to withdraw his men on the afternoon of the battle. His wife, who had arrived at Pittsburg Landing by steamer on the day of the battle, was at his side when he died three days later. Grant praised Wallace in 1868 as "the equal of the best, if not the very best, of the Volunteer Generals with me at the date of his death."Isabel Wallace traces her father's life from his upbringing in Ottawa through

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