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How To Choose Mens Mountain Bikes

From the 1970's onwards mountain biking has grown in popularity, which resulted in a number of companies making mens mountain bikes. There are numerous styles of mountain bikes suited to different types of cycling, so before you select a bike you must decide on which type you favour.

Mens mountain bikes are generally made using high-tech, lightweight materials. They have the latest gear systems, brakes and suspension. Mountain bikes can be divided into four main types based on suspension.

These consist of, Fully Rigid, that is a frame with fixed rear suspension and a rigid fork, or no suspension. Hard tail, a frame with front suspension but no rear suspension. Soft Tail, that is a frame with rear suspension activated by the flex of the frame rather than pivots. And Dual or Full suspension, a front suspension fork and rear suspension with a rear shock.

There are lots of different categories of mountain bikes available as well. They include Trail Bikes, Freeride bikes, Cross Country (XC), and All Mountain (AM) bikes.

Cross Country (XC) mountain bikes are usually lightweight and only have a small amount of front and/or rear suspension. They are aimed at using on ascents and have fast turning capabilities.

Trail bikes are a mixture of an All Mountain and a Cross Country bike. They are excellent bikes covering all styles of mountain biking.

All Mountain bikes provide a great amount of suspension for smooth travel. They are designed to be able to ascend mild to moderate inclines and descend steep declines. These bikes are ideal for any level of cyclist, whether adult or child.

Freeride bikes are a little like downhill bikes. They are built with strength rather than weight in mind. They have good suspension and are built from strong, heavy material. They are excellent for riding technical downhills.

The choice of which mountain bike to invest in firstly comes down to personal preference of riding style. You have to decide how you prefer to spend time riding your bike. Do you want to ride smooth flowing trails, climb big mountains, ride stunts, descend technical downhill courses, or just have all around fun? There are lots of mens mountain bikes on the market covering all activities but it's up to you to decide which one feels the best that is within your price range.

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