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October 20th, 2016  / Author: admin

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 You’ve got the interview which means you’re halfway to that amazing new job.  But what to wear to the all-important interview?


Rule # 1 is that you should rather dress too conservatively than too casually – you can over-dress, but you can’t under-dress.  A safe bet is generally a man’s suit.


The next rule is to ensure that your menswear has been properly cleaned and ironed.   There should be no sign of your lunch leftovers on your suit trousers or jacket, your shirt should be wrinkle-free and your tie should be in pristine condition   If you take pride in how you look, the interviewer will get the impression that your attitude will spill over into your approach towards your work.


Another rule of thumb is that the coloring of your menswear should be dark.  A dark suit is a more formal look, and more professional than a light colored one.


Belt loops are there for a reason, so if your formal wear is ‘loopy’ – then you need to wear one.  And you can’t just haul out any old belt – to create a good impression, you need a smart black belt with a discreet, classy buckle.  And the same goes for ties with formal wear……  Anything that requires a sense of humor is out of bounds for job interviews – a classic understated silk tie is best.   The correct tie length is just on your belt buckle – and always tie it with a neat, well-structured knot.


Your shoes will attract your potential employer’s attention if they’re dirty and unkempt.  Dirty shoes means you don’t care – and that’s not a good look for prospective employer.  Your dress is one area that you have full control over – so use that to your advantage to get one up over the other applicants.


Choosing the outfit can be the difference between getting the job and being unsuccessful, says  Stepping Up Menswear.  Buying a smart new man’s suit may just be the best investment in your future that you’ll make.

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